Attention: community and religious leaders, educators,
activists & artists:


a workshop to inspire and prepare future   peacebuilders

When: July 24-30, 2006
Where: at Elat Chayyim,
the Jewish retreat center in Accord, New York

Led by: Eliyahu McLean & Ruth Broyde-Sharone

You will be briefed and trained by a diverse team of experts coming together from Israel, New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for a six-day intensive training  in peacebuilding.

You will learn effective, constructive tools to use in your community to respond to the tensions around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle-East.

You will learn specific techniques and models to organize and facilitate dialogue, including:
*     how to create inspiring bridge-building events with  Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities
*     how to integrate the arts--music, film, theater, dance  and visual arts in interfaith community activities, to  reach the widest possible audience
*     how to present sources from the Jewish tradition  that support a universal, peace point of view and how  to grapple with problematic texts about the 'other.'

This is an introductory course in what will become an ongoing series. . Those completing the full series will become eligible to be ordained as a
Rodef Shalom ("pursuer of peace"), a title and professional designation to empower individuals engaged in peace/interfaith work.  (This title is inspired from the ancient Jewish tradition of seeking and pursuing peace.)

Our intention is to create a vibrant community of Rodfei Shalom-peacebuilders and,
though the course is geared primarily towards the Jewish community, it will soon be offered to the larger interfaith community as well. We invite you to participate in the birth of this unique undertaking, to take up the challenge of becoming a Rodef Shalom, and to fully engage in the holy pursuit of peace.

Course leaders:

Eliyahu McLean was ordained  as the first Rodef Shalom by Reb Zalman-Shachter Shalomi. Eliyahu is the director of the Jerusalem Peacemakers- a network of religious peacebuilders working  towards reconciliation in the Holy Land. He is also the coordinator of the Abrahamic Reunion and the interfaith advisor to the Sulha Peace Project.

Ruth Broyde-Sharone is a public speaker and documentary filmmaker. She lives and teaches the "art of interfaith" and is a leader in dialogue with the U.S. Muslim community. Co-founder of the Festival of Freedom, a world interfaith movement for friendship and peace, Ruth produced and directed the highly acclaimed film "G-d and Allah Need to Talk," to promote healing and reconciliation following the traumatic events of 9/11.

Guest Lecturers:

Rabbi Mayer Schiller is an ultra-Orthodox rabbi, author, lecturer and expert in Jewish sources for tolerance. He is a guidance counselor and assistant principal in major Orthodox yeshivas in the New York area.

Yehezkel Landau is a Faculty Associate in Interfaith Relations at Hartford Seminary. He co-founded OPEN HOUSE, the Center for Jewish-Arab Coexistence in Ramle, Israel.

Sheikh Fara Gaye is a Senegalese Sufi leader in projects for Muslim-Jewish dialogue in the US. Fara teaches about Islam and peace at the 'On the Way to Sulha' gatherings, held annually in the Holy Land.

Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener is the spiritual leader of Congregation P'nai Or in Central Connecticut.  She is also a  trainer in the Compassionate Listening technique.

Course Costs: $450 plus room and board.

Discounts are available.


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